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Riata is the best old-school style sim game on the internet, bar none. We pride ourselves on running the best, fairest, most interesting, and most transparent game on the web. In Riata, you won't find any of the corrupt administration, the favouritism, or the questionable rules that so many other games these days seem to have running through them. Riata has created a number of unique player levels so that there are more goals and game ladder climbing opportunities for players. No more are you able to "reach the top" in a month - in Riata, you have the freedom and flexibility to climb the ladder from boarder to advisory board member to moderator to administration!


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As a sim game, Riata has had quite the history. The game started way back in August, 2004, which makes the game nine years old! A small group of players, most of whom played the games way back when decided to leave their current game and start up a new game with different rules, unique elements, and never-before-seen aspects to gameplay. The game was an instant success and within a year, Riata was booming. Although we have highly active players and a large community base, one of our biggest focuses has always been to create a strong sense of community for its members. We are a game who loves our members as long as they're stable, good people, and don't have an attitude issue. That's been something that Riata has always carried with it through the years.

As Riata grew, we became more focused on developing and maintaining a strong core of mature players and have gone from accepting younger players to almost entirely accepting people ages 16 and older. As our core group of players have gotten older, so too has the quality of playing. With the rise of automated games online, Riata is proud to continue to hold onto our ideas of non-automation and old-school playing methods. You won't find any automatic results drawings here, let us assure you of that.

Riata's current chapter is one of betterment, rejuvenation, and improvement. It's time for Riata to step up and really show the world that we're still the best and not going away anytime soon. Why the new drive, you ask? Well, recently we had a player leave to start her own game. This is fantastic news, because look at everything it's made us focus on in Riata! Competition is the best way to improve, so we'd like to thank that player for making Riata a better game. :)

So what is Riata now?

Riata is an old-school sim game for the mature player. We strongly emphasize proper English language usage, maturity, and not being stupid. Yes, you read that right: we can't deal with idiots and we'll ban you if you are an idiot. Otherwise, Riata is multi-discipline (with players who deal in English, Western, Racing, Drafts, Driving, and so on), many-breed, and open to anything (other than miniature donkeys!) you'd like to do. We're all about giving our players opportunities to advance in the game and about having a spectacular time while we do it.

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